Inner Transition

In order for a village, town or city to transition, the people have to transition too. This means we have to become more caring, more open to other people’s ideas, more compassionate and more open to change and the unexpected.

Working in groups can be daunting for some and an opportunity for power for others. As we transition, we will begin to become more egalitarian in how we run our groups, accepting the gifts of everyone involved as different and useful.

Making personal changes can be hard sometimes as we try to slough off the habits of a lifetime.   Inner transition is also about being more gentle with ourselves and accepting our mistakes, admitting them and moving on.

Inner transition is what happens as people who have a greater purpose in mind than mere selfish concern begin to work together because the cause is more important than individual egos.

This is a journey for all of us and having faith in what we are doing as the right thing to do goes a long way to helping us accommodate the many different kinds of people who get involved without prejudice.


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