Who are we?

TransitionapplenoborderWe are like you

I guess we’re just a bunch of ordinary people, like you, who care about having a healthy, productive, caring and peaceful future.  We are all members of Friends of The Earth.  

When we found out about the 1,000 plus towns all over the world who are working at grass-roots level to build local resilience, we knew we had to just do it!

We appear to have formed into a kind of core steering group which emerged organically like everything in Transition.  We are not in charge of anything.  All we want to do is provide encouragement and a platform where we can offer resources from funding sources to volunteering and where we will be proud to publish your successes.

That’s why we set up this website. We will be creating public forums. blogs and adding more and more useful resources.  We welcome all suggestions.

What we care about

Like you, we can’t help but be concerned about future challenges of diminishing oil supplies, depleted natural resources, species extinction, jobs for our children, pollution and the economic crisis.

That’s why we’re passionate about Transition.

We know that the government are not going to do what we need and that the only way to get what we want is to do it ourselves and locally.  And Eastbourne Council are supporting us. They have funds, facilities and land and they want to help groups like this do their own thing.  We want our town to be resilient.  We want our children to have productive ecological lives.

That’s why we want to be growing and eating local food, developing a local economy and currency, reducing our use of carbon fuels, finding sustainable renewable alternatives, skill sharing building with natural materials, harvesting rainwater, cycling, repurposing, educating our children to face the future, developing artistic creativity and a lot more..

The Transition Steering Group

We are creating this group formally with a constitution, treasurer, secretary and revolving Chairpersonship because that will enable Eastbourne to be recognised as part of the  The Official Transition Network  and as a Transition Town. The network is strong and has the benefit of many years of transition.  It will give us access to a lot more resources especially funding, ideas and shared wisdom from people who are ahead of us on the path.


Sally Boys - Sally Boys is a member of the Green Party and an active member of Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth. She cares passionately about the environment and is a Steiner Waldorf practitioner. She runs a natural health clinic with her partner in the Meads area of Eastbourne.

Andrew Durling - Andrew Durling has a background in the caring professions and is into meditation, tai chi, forest gardening, beekeeping, and generally doing as little as possible (“slow living” he calls it!).

Proud owner of a solar panel system, he evangelises on all things renewable and attempts, badly, to co-ordinate the myriad activities of Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth, your friendly local campaign team for all things environmental!

His particular Transition interests are in local currencies, community renewable energy, forest gardening, and inner transition work.

Editors note  We  think Andrew is too modest. He’s an inspirational  co-ordinator and more.


Spencer  Ede –  is the BikeVan Handyman, an eco friendly builder who swapped his van for a bicycle and trailer, hence the BikeVan! He’s a Friend of the Earth and a member of the Green Party and volunteers wherever possible for the Spruce Up Squad.

Spencer lives and works in Old Town and is passionate about all things Transition, his particularly interests are:

* Social enterprise, community ownership and co-operatives

* Finding creative ways to improve economic & environmental resilience in global uncertainty

* And… having fun doing it!

He’s also a tinkerer and loves to build stuff. Practical stuff… things we can use!

Karen Stewart – is the Marketing Secretary of the Eastbourne Eco-Gardening Group and one of the founders of the Wadhurst Close Community Garden.  She believes that in a time of uncertainty in the climate, the financial system, and rapidly depleting resources – we need to address the basic requirements of our communities: food, shelter, and clothing. Her passions are

  • Growing good food on land as close as possible to where the food will be consumed.
  • Building community through the shared experience of growing, harvesting, and eating.
  • Developing real, sustainable jobs from community projects.
  • Taking action and responsibility for food production together with your community.
  • Taking action in reclaiming waste land for the use of food growing using local resources.

sunnybonnet2Sunny Soleil – Sunny grew up in London and has returned to Eastbourne after a four-year ‘return to earth’ experience living up a dirt track on 10 acres in the middle of the forest in the back hollers of the North Georgia Mountains.
There she studied permaculture design and natural building. She kept chickens, pigs and dogs, repurposed, dressed from thrift shops and grew all their own veggies and herbs, made bread, cooked healthy food, made herbal tinctures, brewed kombucha and lacto-fermented veggies and walked on the earth with bare feet – often.

She researched food as a natural medicine and set up a page to share her discoveries.   Sunny’s facebook page  - Good Food is Medicine 

Sunny is coach, broadcaster,workshop facilitator, activist and writer. She writes and speaks about food, people, transition, her life, living simply and injustices.  She believes that the only way we will secure an earth-friendly future is to embrace permaculture to design holistic living experiences whilst caring for the earth, each other and being so abundant we’ve got heaps to share.

We’re doing it and you can you!

In the spirit of Transition, we just got stuck in and stated our own projects.  You don’t need anyone’s permission, but you might enjoy help, ideas and motivation.  We’re here if you need us to help kickstart your project.

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